Chimaira – The Dehumanizing Process DVD Review

Chimaira - The Dehumanizing Process

Chimaira - The Dehumanizing Process

Chimaira’s The Dehumanizing Process is a brilliant DVD, a really enjoyable package that every Chimaira fan should own. This really is a fantastic package, not only does this DVD feature the incredibly informative an entertaining ninety minute documentary feature, The Dehumanizing Process but it also boasts a really well recorded and performed live concert, all of the band’s music videos (at the time) and finally a nine tack CD, featuring the entire of the band’s 1999 independent album This Present Darkness.
The documentary is very detailed, discussing all aspects of the band from their relationship as people, to their relationship musically, with the record company and with people outside the band. Other topics for discussion include the making of The Impossibility of Reason, The Video for Down Again, the band’s line up changes and just life in the band in general.
I watch a lot of band DVDs and I can honestly say that this is my favourite and has been for some time. Several times a year I’ll break out the excellent documentary and the 33 minute live concert will get watched on a pretty regular basis.
The concert track listing is :
1. Powertrip, 2. Cleansation, 3. Severed, 4. Eyes of a Criminal, 5. Down Again, 6. The Dehumanizing Process and 7. Pure Hatred

The band are full of energy and play a really tight, professional set with all the power and aggression of the album versions. Mark is an excellent frontman and does his best to instruct and inform the crowd as well as really being able to pull of the vocal delivery live. In fact, that pretty much goes for the entire band, the complex drum brakes, guitar solos and everything in between is executed flawlessly and this in conjunction with the superb sound mix, camera work and video editing makes for a really worthwhile and enjoyable viewing experience.
While you won’t be watching the music video for ‘SP Lit,’ or ‘Down Again,’ on a regular basis it certainly nice to have them on the disc. All together, the extra features such as the linear notes and the humorous optional commentary for the main feature (not to mention the bonus CD) all contribute to what a fantastic and well rounded package this is, it would’ve been very easy to release a cheap rip off for the fans to cash in on the band’s new found popularity at the time, but instead we were treated to this excellent product.
I highly recommend this DVD to every single Chimaira fan and also fans of the similarly natured Killswitch Engage Documentary/Concert package ‘(Set This) World Ablaze.’


This Present Darkness


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