Five Finger Death Punch – The Way Of The Fist Review

Five Finger Death Punch - The Way of the Fist

Five Finger Death Punch - The Way of the Fist

Five Finger Death Punch mix very heaviest bits of metalcore with the accessibility of commercial metal; with heavy palm muted riffs, storming double kicks and both ultra harsh and ultra melodic vocals. They also have a great like of and strong talent for guitar solos.

Its difficult to describe the mix of heavy and melodic styles, the best example I can think of is that if Slipknot’s ‘Volume 3’ and ‘All Hope is Gone,’ albums were a genre of their own, that is the genre Five Finger Death Punch would belong to; however it can be all too easy to compare surface similarities with Trivium or Pantera and that doesn’t give this creative and talent band the credit they deserve.

The Five Finger Death Punch formula works although you could easily find it distasteful if you have a problem with Killswitch Engage or Trivum’s more melodic commercial moments. The album is chocked full of highlights, the previously mentioned opening three songs, The enjoyable lead single `The Bleeding,’ the riff heavy `White Knuckles,’ and the brilliant closer `Meet The Monster.’

Opener ‘Ashes,’ has an absolutely fantastic vocal pattern, some great drum work and a multitude of catchy riffs then a great uplifting chorus and some fantastic lead guitar work. ‘The Way Of The Fist,’ is no different, the brutal metal riffs and speedy double kicks, a great breakdown and then a catchy radio friendly chorus too, the same goes for `Salvation,’ that makes for an awesome three songs to open an album with.

The band are all very talented musicians, with Ivan Moody’s mix of vocal styles and Zoltan Bathory’s lead guitar work standing out in particular. The band have hit upon a very interesting place in metal between the heavier side and the more commercial radio friendly side; they get all the accessibility but retain the credit and attitude of the heavier side a perfect place to be from a business point of view. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Five Finger Death Punch got absolutely massive, they’ve got all the right ingredients and the talent to back it up.

Overall; If you like heavy songs full of double kick drum flailing, chugging heavy riffs, numerous guitar solos and the odd radio ballad then you should definitely give Five Finger Death Punch a try.

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