Lamb Of God – Ashes Of The Wake Review

Lamb of God - Ashes of the Wake

Lamb of God - Ashes of the Wake

Ashes Of The Wake is Lamb Of God’s Third full length studio album. The album is decidedly more polished and cleaner than its predecessors, with producer Machine (that’s his name) taking the helm for the first time and really driving for clarity in a way previously unheard of on a Lamb Of God album.

Apart from the new cleaner production, the first thing you’ll notice about Ashes is the songwriting, Lamb Of God hit onto the perfect formula for writing catchy singles and crowd pleasing songs that instantly feel familiar, that have hooks and that most importantly are highly memorable.

While the earlier material was awesome, it was harder to familiarize yourself with and songs would take a great many listens before you understood how they worked or remembered what came next, with Ashes everything just clicks.
The combination of a less brash production and more accessible songs may be unpalatable to some fans of the earlier output but its hard to deny the sheer quality of music.

The musicianship is of the highest standard, head and shoulders above many of their peers both technically and creatively each Lamb of God member seems handpicked because he was the best in his field.

The album is chocked full of career highlights from the excellent politically fused `One Gun,’ or the introspective `What I’ve Become,’ to singles `Now You’ve Got Something To Die For,’ and `Laid To Rest,’ nothing is ever short of excellent.

Chris Poland once again returns with guest guitar contributions are once again welcome and don’t feel out of place whatsoever on the fantastic instrumental title track.

Ashes Of The Wake may have a more commercial production but its hard to complain when the music is this good.


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