Shadows Fall – Threads of Life Review

Shadows Fall - Threads of Life

Threads of Life, Shadows Fall’s 2007 major label debut contains the Grammy nominated `Redemption,’ along with a fine collection of well written and fantastically produced material that while slicker and less metalcore than their earlier material contains all the passion and attitude that make the band so interesting.

The lead singer Brain Fair has a pretty impressive voice, equally talented in catchy melodic singing and aggressive shouting whether or not you are a fan of his singing voice there is a variety on offer with enough hardcore shouts, metal screams and death growls that you’ll find something suited to your tastes.

Drummer Jason Bittner puts down a very memorable performance on this record, and while he has always been hyped you can really hear that hype justified on this album some very enjoyable fills and very impressive footwork make for a good drummer and the clean swagger of his performance separate him from the crowd, he can be as complicated as he likes then just by virtue of his playing style make something as simple as silence followed three strikes on the kick drum sound amazing.

As always, the album boasts excellent guitar work from Jonathan Donais and Matt Bachand who constantly provide interesting melodies and thrash influenced riffs that on this album more than ever, evoke that classic 1980s sound.
The shimmering acoustic passages that made The Art Of Balance such a joy to listen to are still there and there are a few ballads like `Another Hero Lost,’ that slow things down a bit more, but when all the material is smooth, clear and superbly produced its difficult to find fault.

Album highlights include the very catchy `Failure of The Devout,’ which features some particularly impressive drumming and plenty of new ideas among the tried and tested formula, the brutal and impressive `Dread Uprising,’ and of course `Venomous,’ which is the perfect example of the Shadows Fall style, the big riffs, the double kick drum work and a particularly great vocal performance.

This is a very strong Shadows Fall album indeed and highly recommended.


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