The Mars Volta – De-Loused in the Comatorium Review

The Mars Volta - De-Loused in the Comatorium

The Mars Volta - De-Loused in the Comatorium

Almost every album by The Mars Volta seems to split fan opinion. Each album has its harsh detractors and it staunch defenders, each line-up chance fuels new debates about the suitability and quality of the new line up, and its subsequent effect on the album.
Many Mars Volta fans find one album too heavy to enjoy, many more find another too progessive, many fans think one album goes too far and another not far enough.
One thing almost all fans of The Mars Volta, or curious half fans can agree on however, is Deloused in the Comatorium.
The bands ambitious 2003 debut studio album is an amazing record demonstrating everything that is wonderful about this intelligent and inventive collective of musicianships while displaying virtually none of the perceived flaws of the band’s more decisive later albums.
Its difficult to put into words why Deloused in the Comatorium is so universally recognised for its genius, the best way I can explain it is that it is THE WAY do everything on Deloused which is so great.
The band write complex, baffling and challenging lyrics on all of their albums, but THE WAY they are written here is very appealing.
The band write long; unconventionally structured songs, with many different often opposing segments crossing over, with a broad range of extra instruments such as Synths, Saxes and Samples but THE WAY music is written here, none of these aspects are ever irritating to the ear, distracting from the main body of the song
The band always have a progressive rock influence, a noisy rock influence and a Latin music influence but THE WAY these styles are combined on Deloused is absolutely perfect.
What Deloused in the Comatorium essentially has going for it, when you remove all layers of concept albums, fan and critical reception, comparison to their later work and hype… is a fantastic album full of creative and entertaining songs of the sheer highest quality. Deloused is a masterpiece, its as simple as that.
Highlights include concert favourite ‘Roulette Dares(The Haunt Of)’ with its energetic beginning and brooding ending; the twelve minute ‘Cicatriz ESP,’ and the haunting slow number ‘Televators.’
To summarise, Deloused in the Comatorium is a perfect album and also the perfect The Mars Volta album, if you are interested in the band this should deffinatly be your first port of call.

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