Hatebreed – Live Dominance DVD Review

Hatebreed - Live Dominance

Hatebreed - Live Dominance

I was really surprised by this DVD, after seeing many wealthier bands put out dodgy DVDs I didn’t really think Hatebreed’s Live Dominance would be a classic.
Boy was I wrong, this is one of the best music DVDs I own; and that extends to all genres of music, not just Metal and Hardcore.
First of all the visuals, all shot on Hi-Def cams are great, that’s helped out by a huge Hatebreed backdrop, emblems painted onto the amps and a simple but effective light show.
The sound is much better than you’d expect, with absolutely huge sounding guitars, with a lot of crunch but definition of the high notes also. The bass drum is loud and punchy and no double kick pattern is ever muddy or unclear.
Jamey Jasta puts on a great show talking to the crowd often, explaining his beliefs, what songs are about and always seeming genuine unlike many front men who just don’t seem to believe what they tell the crowd. His vocals sometimes stray from the album versions, with perhaps some of the bark taken out of the faster songs, but altogether he stands up live very well indeed.
The track listing is exemplary featuring a career spanning mix of material that simultaneously contains all the fan favorites with a large quantity of mid album tracks you might not expect to hear live. The main concert contains an incredible 22 tracks.
Songs such as ‘Hollow Ground,’ ‘Doom Sayer,’ and ‘As Diehard As They Come,’ are brilliant here, full of energy and bite.
The whole performance is energetic, with the crowd clearly enjoying themselves, and the band blasting out the music with conviction.
The extras are also awesome, featuring about 6 extra songs from various shows including some early material; various photo/fan/tattoo galleries and a short piece about the setting up of the concert.
The track listing is as follows:
1. This Is Now
2. Perseverance
3. A Call For Blood
4. To The Threshold
5. Empty Promises
6. Destroy Everything
7. Voice of Contention
8. As Diehard As They Come
9. Hallow Ground
10. Doomsayer
11. Betrayed By Life
12. Straight To Your Face
13. Facing What Consumes You
14. Before Dishonor
15. Never Let It Die
16. Last Breath
17. Beholder of Justice
18. Smash Your Enemies
19. Proven
20. Defeatist
21. Live For This
22. I Will Be Heard

CT Bonus:
Proven, Doom Sayer, Destroy Everything
NY Bonus:
Under The Knife, Tear it Down, Last Breath

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