Kreator – Extreme Aggression Review

Kreator - Extreme Aggression

Kreator - Extreme Aggression

Right up there with the Master Of Puppets and Reign In Bloods of this world stands Kreator’s ‘Extreme Aggression, the band’s classic 1989 release and fourth full length album.

Kreator got better with each album in the 80′s and hit their peak with the fantastically complex and technical but furious and heavy ‘Extreme Aggression,’ when they nailed their formula and where their songwriting was at its strongest.

There isn’t much you can say against the album, the choruses are catchier, the riffs are more interesting, the solos are more impressive; even the vocals are better.

With songs like ‘Love Us or Hate Us,’ and the MTV favorite ‘Betrayer,’ Kreator proved why they were Germany’s best metal export and one of the biggest bands in Thrash Metal, many songs from this classic albums still find their way to Kreator concerts over a decade later.

If you want a satisfying metal album you really can’t go wrong giving Extreme Aggression a listen.

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