Kreator – Terrible Certainty Review

Kreator - Terrible Certainty

Kreator - Terrible Certainty

After a terribly primitive debut album, Kreator released one of their fan favorite albums ‘Pleasure To Kill,’ which was a ferocious and biting mixture of all out speed with all out aggression. Kreator followed it up with their third full length studio album ‘Terrible Certainty,’ which was a complex and interesting album with much more varied tempos and more interesting riffs; combing the sheer brute force of Pleasure To Kill with technical aptitude and most important of all, good songwriting.

Songs like ‘Terrible Certainty,’ ‘One of Us,’ and ‘Behind The Mirror,’ are great examples of how Kreator could make the music brutal without being repetitive or grating. Full of interesting riffs, catchy vocal patterns and virtuosic guitar solos, ‘Terribly Certainty,’ marked a move for Kreator into the big leagues, their increasing success not just due to increased touring or new MTV exposure, but because they had the quality music to back it up.

The only real problem the album suffers from is a rather thin and tinny production, but then again so did most of the albums released around this time.

Along with ‘Extreme Aggression’ and ‘Coma of Souls,’this era of Kreator represents the pinnacle of their Thrash career, with future releases moving in different directions, dividing fan opinions until their glorious return in 2001 and ever since.

This edition comes with the ‘..Out Of The Dark EP’ as bonus tracks, which consists of some dreadful quality live material and some interesting but non essential cover tunes.


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