Kreator – Violent Revolution Review

Kreator - Violent Revolution

Kreator - Violent Revolution

Kreator; the German Thrash Metal legends responsible for `Pleasure To Kill,’ and `Extreme Aggression,’ have another title to add to their list of classic albums. 2001′s `Violent Revolution,’ is unquestionably one of the best metal albums of the decade.

This is one of the slickest, most well written and above all catchiest albums in the pantheon of metal. The riffs are memorable, the solos are impressive and the drumming is fantastic, if ever an album was to be described as rock solid, this is it.

Mille’s vocals greatly improved with this album, mixing what he had added on the bands more experimental 90′s music with his ferocious 80s roots to create a new vocal style he would continue to use on the absolutely fantastic `Enemy Of God,’ and `Hordes of Chaos,’ albums.

The production is top notch, with a great smooth guitar sound and punchy kick drum, perfect for all the double kick drum patterns and dual harmony guitars.

The title track `Violent Revolution,’ is by now a classic, and one of the best songs the band ever released and then on top of that songs like the awesome `Reconquering the Throne,’ and the very catchy `Servant in Heaven King in Hell,’ fill the album out perfectly with no lull in top quality music.

If you like Kreator at all, then Violent Revolution will become one of your favorite albums before the disc finishes spinning, its really that good. Many Thrash bands are returning to heavier music these days, but few have done so quite as successfully as Kreator.

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