Trivium – Ascendancy Review

 Trivium - Ascendancy

Trivium - Ascendancy

When Trivium released their breakthrough second album ‘Ascendancy,’ back in 2005 it was something of a breath of fresh air. Vital, energetic and full of interesting ideas which separated the band from their peers, Trivium’s blend of Thrash and Metal core influences led to the creation of a strong set of now classic songs.

The majority of every Trivium concert since the release of Ascendancy has been made of from cuts from this record. ‘Rain,’ ‘Drowned and Torn Asunder,’ ‘Like Light to the Flies,’ and the singles ‘A Gun Shot tot the Head of Trepidation,’ and ‘Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr,’ will all find their way onto both any Trivium concert set list and any Trivium fan’s list of favourite songs.

It is difficult to choose stand out songs on Ascendancy because the entire record is of such a high quality, there are really no weak links and every song is worthy of your attention.

Ascendancy has the honour of being both the vast majority of the fan’s favourite album and of being the band’s single heaviest album, certainly worth noting for prospective fans.

On no other album did Trivium get the mix of heaviness, new ideas and melody as perfect as they did here on Ascendancy, if you are interested in Trivium there is no better place to start.

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