Exodus – Impact Is Imminent Review

 Exodus - Impact Is Imminent

Exodus - Impact Is Imminent

The fourth Exodus album, Impact is Imminent is not as immediate as its awesome predecessor. The band took their new grooving sound and added a big dose of speed, resulting in a mix between the styles Bonded by Blood and Fabulous Disaster, but with an incredibly heavy guitar sound.

The production is pretty decent and Steve’s vocals are slightly harsher than on previous albums and the music is of a very high quality, however the album is definatly a grower, as songs seem to be structured in such a way that they can take repeated listens to get familiar with, which can give a bad first impression.

Like all Exodus albums, Impact Is Imminent is not without its flaws, for example the album contains cheesy lyrics, cheesy artwork, a muddy bass sound and drummer John Tempesta isn’t as good a fit for the band as Tom Hunting was. These flaws are not great enough to spoil the album however and shouldn’t put anyone off trying the album out.

Slight flaws aside, the album is pretty fantastic, especially where guitars are concerned; the lead guitar work is excellent and the album does contain lots of quality guitar solos and a few really excellent riffs. Most people’s problem with the album is that the it riffs away without evolving or being significantly inventive, however I find that the songs hold up well on their own and do not require a fresh angle. It’s classic Exodus at its most…Exodus and I for one enjoy that.

Standout songs include the anti-drink driving Title Track, the speedy ‘Thrash Under Pressure,’ and the semi-epic ‘Heads They Win (Tails They Lose)’

Overall, this album is a really good example of what Exodus do best; plain, straight up Bay Area Thrash Metal with no gimmicks. If you like the band, Impact is Imminent will not disappoint.

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