Exodus – Pleasures of the Flesh Review

Exodus - Pleasures of the Flesh

Exodus - Pleasures of the Flesh

Pleasures Of The Flesh, the second album from bay area Thrash Metal underdogs Exodus has always been cruelly overlooked and underrated, often even among the band’s own fans.

The album was the the first album with new Vocalist Steve ‘Zetro,’ Souza who got a hard time for replacing the band’s original vocalist Paul Baloff, and for his very AC/DC style of vocals.

It was never going to be easy living in the shadow of Bonded By Blood, but on a purely Musical merit, Pleasures Of The Flesh is every bit as classic, and every bit as awesome as the other Classic Exodus albums.

The riffs on this album are intensely catchy and memorable, the kind that you hum for days after listening to the album, ‘Brain Dead,’ in particular is one of the catchiest songs the band ever written, sounding like a mixture between Megadeth’s earlier albums and Slayer’s groovier moments.

Introducing a level of diversity and maturity missing from their debut; the band expand what an audience can expect from an Exodus album. The guitar work on this album is also of a much higher caliber… Songs like ‘Seeds of Hate,’ and ‘Chemi-Kill,’ are technical and impressive, demonstrating the talent and musicianship the band had to offer.

This album is a brilliant example of the classic Bay Area sound and any fan of Thrash Metal, especially of the Band really ought to buy it.

Now that most people have generally accepted that Zetro was the band’s best vocalist, people can listen without prejudice and discover a real hidden gem.

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