Exodus – Shovel Headed Tour Machine DVD Review

Exodus - Shovel Headed Tour Machine

Exodus - Shovel Headed Tour Machine

Shovel Headed Tour Machine is an absolute ‘must own product,’ for any Exodus fan, even those who are unsure how they feel about the band’s current line up, or those who are only interested in the band’s 1980s material.
The boxset is the definition of Value For Money, featuring a CD and two very in-depth DVDs inside a gigantic silver digi-pack with a lot of care and effort put into its design.

The main live section of the DVD, which is here on both CD and DVD is a brilliant hour long concert, from the Waken Open Air Festival 2008 filmed on a bright summers day.
The sound quality is absolutely perfect, a brilliant job has been done with the mixing and an if anything, even better job has been done on the actual sound which is of the highest quality, with a gigantic guitar sound, really punchy kick drum sound and very clear snare drum sound, nothing is brash or unpleasant but everything is hugely heavy.
The band’s performance is energetic and tight, they make songs from Bonded By Blood sound modern and ferocious with their modern production and fire through almost album-perfect renditions of their newer material.
The track listing is ‘Bonded By Blood,’ ‘Iconoclasm,’ ‘Funeral Hymn,’ ‘A Lesson In Violence,’ ‘Children of a Worthless God,’ ‘Piranha,’ ‘Deathamphetamine,’ ‘Blacklist,’ ‘War is My Shepherd,’ ‘Strike of the Beast,’ and ‘Shovel Headed Kill Machine.’

It may seem like the band are ignoring albums from Pleasures of the Flesh until their Tempo of the Damned comeback. In the bonus material section however, there are additional live videos recorded across several dates in Japan, Taiwan, Florida, California of varying quality.
Some videos feature a multi camera shoot, some are just one stationary camera and all feature bootleg quality sound, but are a very welcome extra nonetheless.
The track listing is : ‘Toxic Waltz,’ ‘No Love,’ ‘Brain Dead,’ ‘I am Abomination,’ ‘Fabulous Disaster,’ ‘Seeds of Hate,’ ‘Scar Spangled Banner,’ ‘Raze,’ ‘Altered Boy’ and a track called ‘Guitar War,’ which is Lee Atlus and Garry Holt playing guitar solos competitively for a few minutes.

As if all this wasn’t enough already, the set also includes the documentary ‘Assorted Atrocities,’ which is as good as, if not better than many band documentaries which are sold separately as the main feature.
The pace, editing, actual stories included and mixture of humour and serious moments, as well as the candid nature of discussions about ex band members make this one of the best music documentaries on the market today.

The bonus features include about twenty minutes of deleted scenes from the main documentary in addition to the previously mentioned bonus live material.
The disc also contains the music videos for: Riot Act, Problems and Now Thy Death Come. Plus some photo galleries and a vintage interview with the band in the early eighties to round it all off.

Shovel Headed Tour Machine is honestly one of the best music related products I have ever encountered and I cannot recommend it highly enough, if you like even one Exodus song you should give serious consideration to buying this.
If you are an existing Exodus fan or a fan of metal documentaries in general then this is an even more essential purchase.

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