Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands PS3 Game Review

Prince of Persia Forgotten SandsI feel that it would be unfair to go off on a rant about how bad this game is, but its hard to describe just how very average it was. This is not the sort of game you want to pay full price for, I played it to 100% completion in three days and it was linear and basic to the point of having no replay value.
Luckily I had rented this game for free due to a loyalty scheme reward at my local rental shop but I still felt a little ripped off by it, especially given how strong some of the previous Prince of Persia games have been, all I can say is that don’t let the strength of the series blind you like it did me, this is very much the weakest entry in the series.
Now, there are positives about the game on the technical level that any piece of work that took great numbers of professionals a long time to make, I mean I’m not saying I could make a better computer game but as a consumer I simply cannot recommend this game to other consumers who expect to enjoy a good product.
The two best things about this game is its platforming mechanics which work fine, but aren’t a selling point in themselves and its basic but not unpleasant combat. That’s it really and although if this was the first third person action platformer you’d ever played, you’d enjoy it, that is the highest praise it deserves. There are a load of great, good or middling titles on the market such as God of War, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, Dantes Inferno, Heavenly Sword and Ninja Gaiden Sigma which all contain the same spirit and many of the same mechanics, only better.
On the subject of this game’s unique selling points, the freezing water and memory mechanics… all I can say is that they are both very shallow attempts to cover up a lack of ideas. The first mechanic boils down to ‘Press one button to make the wall or floor appear – figuratively (as its made out of temporarily frozen ice)’ and the other is ‘Press one button to make the floor or wall appear – literally… the floor isn’t there, press L2 and it is.’
As for the rest of the game; there is little variety in enemies, there is little variety in locations as it is all set in one castle with a few slightly different rooms and one garden, the voice acting and characterization are not really noteworthy, the graphics don’t set the world on fire except in the games opening FMV, which also happens to be the game’s only FMV sequence, the rest of the paper thin story is shown in game-play quality cut scenes that almost universally last mere seconds each.
So overall this is a game to either avoid, or only worth playing for its very easy Platinum trophy.

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