How Much Music I get Through

I’m 21. I have 450 (give or take a dozen either direction) CDs and 60ish concert DVDs. I don’t know if you’d consider that a small or high amount given my age, I suppose it really depends on your own musical habits and whether you consider those normal or abnormal.

Some albums I listen to all the time, some only get a few listens then do go ‘in the pile,’ which means they will not be listened to in their entirety for months on end (and in a few cases, years on end) and may only be heard if one or two songs on them feature in a playlist I have created or if a song from them comes up when I listen to my iTunes on random as I often like to do.

Most of the albums I buy get around thirty listens in the 6 month period after I buy them, then one listen a month from then on, until the band release a new album and this peaks my interest in the band once more at which point their previous albums get another 15 or so listens.Otherwise a play-list of this band will be created and only the songs I enjoy the most will be listened to.

I also tend to listen to music in a sub genre specific way and if I get a new Thrash Metal album by say Sacred Reich, I will then go and listen to everything by another few thrash metal bands like Overkill, Annihilator and Nuclear Assault.

Right now for example; I recently watched the TV show ‘Freaks and Geeks,’ which had a very classic rock soundtrack which made me go and listen to all my 70s era Heart, Kiss, Lynyrd Skynrd, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath albums between 1 and 5 times each, and when I’d done that, I got interested in finding more classic rock and so got into Deep Purple.

The same thing happened with NWOAHM this winter, Prog Rock when I was in Tech, Thrash metal when I was doing my GCSEs and Nu metal back in the early 2000s.
Some of my old Nu metal CDs are now going on rotation in a Nostalgia fix and so even though I haven’t listened to it often since 2003-2005, Flaw’s ‘Through The Eyes,’ album gets re-listened to.

This will no doubt cause some Thrash Metal albums like Death Angel’s first two or anything by Vio-lence to get ‘shelved,’ for a few years until I get nostalgic for Thrash.

I’d say I haven’t listened to any album more than 200 times in my life. Some that have reached 100 however, include Slipknot’s Self Titled and The Libertine’s Self titled. This is a rarity but may become more common with age.
I’d say there are fewer than 50 of my albums I’ve listened to more than 50 times but I still feel I’ve gotten good use/value out of them.

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