Bring Me The Horizon – Suicide Season Review

Bring Me The Horizon - Suicide Season

Bring Me The Horizon - Suicide Season

I know Bring Me The Horizon are one of those bands that are popular to dislike and that a great many internet users have problems with the band’s front-man Oli Sykes. Regardless, I came to the band with a relativly open mind assured that they would be the type of band that I’d like because I enjoy Hatebreed style bands, At The Drive In style bands and the Nine Inch Nails style electro moments.
This turned out to be a great suggestion, as Suicide Season has rarely left my stereo since I got it. Talented musicians writing interesting and inventive songs, what more could anybody expect or even want?
The album was definitely a grower and on repeat listens you get all the little touches, all the one off riffs will stick in your head and the gang chant vocals will shift in your opinion from something that is a bit cheesy and out of place to something to genuinely look forward to.High pitched vocals over drumming that uses the Crash Cymbal like a hi-hat and a lot of hardcore style brakedowns, is a pretty accurate way to describe every song on this record, with a few songs containing Death Growls and a few containing electro drums and effects to add a little variety.
Stand out tracks contain the lyrically intense ‘Suicide Season,’ which is eight plus minutes long and mixes the heavier stuff with the electro side and the very heavy and very catchy ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever,’ which contains so many sing along moments in its short duration it feels like half an albums worth of choruses.
Fair enough, the band may have inspired your dislike for the way the have acted, dressed or what they have said but just give this album an honest, unprejudiced listen and you will find a genuinely great modern heavy album.

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