The Grand Relistening prt 1

I have decided that I’m going to listen to a gigantic in a row list of all the supposedly classic ‘must own,’ albums that I own or can get a hold of.

Obvious entries include the likes of Reign in Blood, Master of Puppets, Number of the Beast, Appetite for Destruction, Paranoid, Led Zepp 4, Dark Side of the Moon etc.

The aim, other than just for the enjoyment of it all, is to form opinions of them all again, rather than just sticking with the ones I formed at first listen, some of which are ten or more years old and incossistant with my current opinions on everything else.
Also, I like the idea of hearing them all side by side, in one session to see how they all compare and if there is some underlying similarities that make them all have a classic status in magazines etc or if some of them don’t deserve the attention they get.

Check back to see the finished list… and feel free to contribute suggestions (Paul!) for ones I wouldn’t think of immediately.

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