TGR prt 5: Demanufacture

Demanufacture by Fear Factory

Before hand, I’ll just state my opinion on Fear Factory’s Demanufacture. The title track is amazing and one of my favourite songs ever, Replica is memorable but was released as a single so I have a mental block about it and every other track is forgotten. Each riff lost in the interchangeable mush tracks my brain remembers as opposed to the actual songs on the disc. Its fair to say that this is an album which though I have listened to dozens and dozens of times for nearly a decade, I have never really heard properly. My mind wanders as soon as Replica is finished and all the other tracks are mentally out of focus and hard to get a handle on.
I still feel like I love this album, partly due to public opinion on it and partly due the opinion of my friends but if I’m being terribly honest this album is the title track, Replica and a bunch of half remembered noise.

On with the re-listening then.
This time, I’ve typed it as I was listening

Well, the title track is still without question one of my favourite songs and quite possibly the best song in the Fear Factory catalogue, so still no problems there.
Self Bias Resistor is a song I can remember having mixed feelings about over the years as to whether it was the only other memorable song on the album or whether it was as forgettable as the others. I really enjoyed it this time around, the chorus is very strong and the heavy parts remind me of Machine head.
In fact that exact sentiment applies to Zero Signal… a track I can never EVER remember after I’ve heard it. This song has the benefit of not sounding very 90s, or to put it another way this song hasn’t dated and would fit on Mechanize. The strong keys and synths middle eight is pretty interesting, I can barely remember it from before. Same goes for the big ‘I am so lost,’ ending, and the very Linking Park reminiscent keyboard outro… may as well have been added new as far as I remember. Still, a good song.

Replica. Is. Awesome.

New breed is very fast, pretty heavy but it hasn’t aged well in my opinion. I can’t actually tell if I dislike it because that main riff is golden, but something about the song is a little off.

Dog Day Sunrise is pleasant enough but doesn’t really do anything for me beyond the sing along title in the lyrics and one good double bass section near the end, I can tell I’ll have forgotten anything good about it within a day

Body Hammer opens so strong with that main riff, and that mechanical ping that I’m sure is what inspired Slipknot’s placement of keg hits. I think this song might stay with me from now on, but up until this ponit I couldn’t remeember any of it except the lyric ‘I Am A Tool.’
Maybe because for the most part the song isn’t very fast, but it dos have a Pantera like drum quality in places that is very appealing and that excellent chorus.

Flash Point is just forgettable, there is no getting around it. Its not bad but I would never choose to put this on and never include it in a playlist.

The surprise is H.K(Hunter Killer) which is fast, heavy, has the least cheesy synths on the record and the ‘I Am A Criminal,’ part just feels giant. This is the song I will be taking away from the re-listening with the most respect. It is just great from start to finish.

Pisschrist genuinely feels like I’ve never heard it before. I think my attention span hasn’t ever allowed me to actually concentrate on this song. Around the four minute point the song gets pretty cool with Burton doing a good vocal job indeed. That being said, it does fall into the same category as Flash Point, Nothing wrong with it but just not good enough to warrant any more attention.

A Therapy For Pain closes the album and I can’t really claim to enjoy it at all. The slow minimalistic style does nothing for me musically and the song goes on for too long without achieving enough to warrant its length. I tried to like the song but it is not happening, in fact it was getting difficult not to skip it towards the end.

SO to summarize this especially disparate entry in the re-listening process, I like the start of the album. I love the Title Track and Replica but the album while good is not really amazing after that point and I can see why my memory has such a problem with it.
With the exception of H.K.(Hunter Killer) the album sticks at one level of quality and pretty much one style of songwriting, one very flat and bassy recording sound and I can see why the parts mix in my head to form a shapeless blob of song segments.

Re-listening to Demanufacure has basically not changed how I feel about it. Some standout moments, good while I’m listening to it, but for the most part nothing to really get excited about.

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