TGR prt6 : Dookie

Dookie by Green Day

I fully expected to HATE this, it was one of my favourtie albums in school especially in the first three years and as such it is absolutely tainted by that time. I haven’t listened to it more than twice in the last five years, partly because of the volume of new bands I got into and partly because I listened to it so much when I was into it that I kind of thought it was done, used up.
To my surprise, when ‘Burn Out,’ kicked in I was overjoyed, that song tweaks my brain in the right way it has some undefinable quality that makes it perfect in a way similar bands like Sum 41 and Blink 182 don’t replicate. On top of that, the tom rolls on the song are really great, they belong to someone like Brann Dailor more than Tre Cool, real impressive complex tom work.

Along with the superb ‘Welcome To Paradise,’ the two are my collective favourite songs on the album and have been since my first listen a decade ago. The production and Vocal sound, which I imagined would be the biggest
obstacles to overcome in order to enjoy the album are really enjoyable, the album just sounds fun and energetic, sunny and happy in a way the lyrics don’t really reflect.

I can’t offer the whole album the same level of praise as the songs do all fit into a similar mould at the start of the album, in a way I might criticize other albums but there is something exciting and bright about Dookie that makes me just enjoy that style and want more of it.

‘Long View,’ and ‘Basket Case,’ are songs that I almost obsessively avoid due to over exposure in my early teens but they are just great songs, ‘Long View,’ especially.

The rest of the album doesn’t really stick out as much no song again reaches the heights of ‘Welcome To Paradise,’ or ‘Burnout,’ but nothing ever dips in quality, is ever annoying or ever boring. It is kind of hypocritical that I should excuse this trait on this album and not on Demanufacture and I’m not happy with that. The best I can offer is that I don’t control what I enjoy and t hat boredom isn’t a logical process, it just happens or it doesn’t.

To sum up re-listening to Dookie, I thought I would absolutely detest it and instead it turned out to make me really happy.

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