TGR prt7 : GNR

Appetite For Destruction by Guns N’ Roses


This one was interesting, with Guns N Roses I have a difficult relationship due to the large amount of critical and fan acclaim they get and the huge amount of hatred they get from people I know who would prefer never to listen to them or be in the same room as me while I listen to them.
These two factors colour my opinion of the band, as do the books about them I’ve read, the music videos and especially the whole wait for Chinese Democracy, riots at shows, everyone hates Axl current climate in music.
The thing is though, that Appetite for Destruction is just a brilliant album, when you listen to it. ‘Night Train,’ and ‘Think About You,’ are two of the best songs, period.
The rest of the album that isn’t a major single is of very high quality, tracks like ‘Out Ta Get Me,’ and ‘You’re Crazy,’ are songs I don’t very often think about when not in a GNR fanship phase, but they stand up really well against all the Jimi Hendrix, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden I’ve been listening to this year, just real top quality rock music, both fun and energizing, the kind of songs that literally make me want to dance and sing along.
The only song on the album that felt like I was unfamiliar with it was ‘Anything Goes,’ which has the most bizarre intro on the album, some weird unmatching parts and hilariously bad lyrics. The song doesn’t feel the same as the rest of the album and seems more like a demo from just before the album was made.
Of the big singles, they are all good songs, the fact that I’ve heard them in video games, over the speakers in pubs or covered by terrible local bands may colour my memory of the songs and make me switch off to them, but when listening to them by choice I realise that they are just awesome songs. Perhaps ‘Sweet Child O Mine,’ is a little too far gone, but the rest sit happily along the likes of the terrific ‘Mr. Brownstone,’ and ‘My Michelle,’ as simply awesome, rocking songs.
I never really cared for closer ‘Rocket Queen,’ with its hilariously cheesy sex noises and to me, overlong duration… but it is a lot better than I remember. Similar to ‘Coma,’ on Use Your Illusion 1, a lot of people think of it really highly but I am a not inconsiderable bit underwhelmed, though if actively listening will admit it is by no means bad.

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