Hatebreed – The Rise of Brutality Review

Hatebreed - The Rise of Brutality

Hatebreed - The Rise of Brutality

Hatebreed are effective if nothing else, they really get the task done and done well. It is a mistake to dismiss the band for their simple riffs because what the riffs are is not simple but rather effective. Hatebreed deliver the maximum possible effect in the most direct and vital fashion.
Jamie Jasta’s refreshingly positive lyrical approach may seem cheesy to the jaded and cynical but the man certainly knows how to write memorable sing along moments designed specifically to make you feel good about yourself which I for one find commendable.

Each Hatebreed album is a different approach to the same very effective formula, with different albums concentrating more on one aspect of the band’s sound than another but still very much retaining that Hatebreed sound. Rise of Brutality sits in the position of perhaps being the most strict with the formula, there are no punkier numbers, no thrashier numbers and no instrumentals, every song is a perfectly constructed Hatebreed anthem with hard edge, a sing along chorus and a big breakdown. This may not be the album to consider if you are tired of every song sounding exactly the same, but if enjoy what Hatebreed do best then this album contains the most songs directly in that exact style.

The production isn’t the clearest of all, but is by no means poor. The album as a whole sounds very dense and low end which is a good style for a band like Hatebreed although not one which you will find on the rest of their albums which favour a clearer and crisper production style.

If you are new to Hatebreed and are wondering which of their albums is right for you, the key points in favour of Rise of Brutality are the singles ‘This is Now,’ and ‘Live For This,’along with fan favourite songs ‘Doomsayer,’ and ‘Beholder of Justice.’

To summarise this is a very good album and perhaps the most definitive example of Hatebreed’s musical style, it is highly recommended to existing fans of the band is is a pretty good album to make your first Hatebreed record.

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