List Of Forgotten Gems

This list isn’t a ‘oh look how obscure the bands I like are,’ kind of list, it is dedicated to albums that I judge to be awesome by relatively famous bands that for some reason or other go undiscussed in general, be it because the album before it was more famous or whatever.

Biohazard – Mata Leo – After the band’s two biggest records, Biohazard put out this very strong album that forms the bulk of their live album but doesn’t ever seem to get even a fraction of the attention the previous two do.

Black Sabbath – Technical Ecstasy – A lot of people either dislike or flat out ignore this record, but it contains some of my favourite Sabbath songs ever. I even bought a book about Ozzy era Sabbath that stopped before this came out, as if it wasn’t part of the Ozzy era. Shame, ‘You Won’t Change Me,’ is amazing and ‘Dirty Women,’ is always a live highlight.

Cannibal Corpse – Gore Obsessed – Who cares ? Who even knows it exists ? The band themselves even completely ignore it on their documentary about all their albums. Its got ‘Compelled To Lacerate,’ on it though, so… you know.

Deep Purple – Who Do We Think We Are? – Mk2 Deep Purple, you know everyone’s favourite one, the one that did Smoke On The Water… they released four albums, not three. This final album is pretty damn good and you never see anyone list it anywhere. Ok this one might genuinely be more on the disliked than ignored side of the divide… but this needs reevaluation.

Kreator – Violent Revolution – The start of Kreator’s second wind, except because their second wind was so strong, people kind of gloss over this and think first to Enemy Of God… maybe its just because this has bright red artwork. Either way, the quality to public respect ratio is sincerely out of whack.

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Gimme Back My Bullets – I know, no Free Bird and no Sweet Home Alabama so who cares ? Well actually, this album has the highest ratio of good songs to filler of any of their output.

Napalm Death – Words From The Exit Wound – Most people haven’t heard of this, haven’t tried this or can’t remember this but it is a really high quality outing that more people should give a try.

Pearl Jam – It is their new record I know, but the world as I see it seems to have totally missed this and forgotten it even came out. For me, by far the best Pearl Jam album period. Why didn’t this raise their profile again, maybe they’ve just gotten to the Rolling Stones situation, if you know what I mean ?

Other options include Ram It Down by Judas Priest and No Prayer For The Dying by Iron Maiden.

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