TGR Prt 24 – Rush – Moving Pictures

Rush - Moving Pictures

Rush - Moving Pictures

I’ve said it before in The Way My Stupid Head Works: Volume 18, but there is a peculiar flaw in my brain that causes me to judge albums by the tracks that aren’t famous, which is fine for little known bands, or underrated albums as it causes no interference, but troublesome for albums full of hits and live staples, like Rush’s Moving Pictures, that barely have any un-famous songs.

Maybe this is just a childish, elitist or hipster mindset that I have not yet fully overcome, but unfortunately it takes considerable concentration to avoid. When it actually comes to listening to Moving Pictures, there is simply no arguing with the Fame-Trio of Limelight, Red Barchetta and mega-single Tom Sawyer. All three are just enormously good. Enormously!

I tend to think, when not actually listening to it, that Moving Pictures is worse than Permanent Waves, and that the pair of them are worse than the trio of prog masterpieces 2112, A Farewell To Kings, and my favourite Rush album, Hemispheres.

While I’d actually still claim that, I’d now say after this relistening that it is by a hair’s breadth rather than a wide margin.
I have never liked The Camera Eye or Witch Hunt that much and that hasn’t really changed now, they have bits I like, but overall aren’t something I’d ever choose to listen to.

That just leaves closer Vital Signs which is good and drummer magnet YYZ which I keep thinking I hate because of wankers who co-opted it, but realise that I really like it whenever I actually listen to it, and have done for half a decade so really should know better.

There isn’t that much more I can say, except as usual the production and performance is top notch. So to summarise, I keep thinking I like this a heck of a lot less than I really do.

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  1. You really think 2112 is a prog masterpiece? The second half really isn’t that good at all, and has no prog on it whatsoever. “Lessons” and “Something For Nothing” are worth a look in but “Tears” and “…Bangkok” aren’t that memorable and “The Twilight Zone” is arguably the worst Rush song ever. I think this album is afforded classic status when it’s really just a classic Side A (again, world: one song) and a couple of leftovers. A Farewell To Kings sits in its shadow and is a vastly superior and considerably more consistent album, as is Hemispheres. I didn’t know you didn’t like “The Camera Eye” man, would’ve thought everyone liked that song. For me, it’s on a par with the first four songs, and in fact I’d be quite happy for it to close the album. I’m hesitant to say Permanent Waves is a better album (Probably just because “Tom Sawyer” isn’t on it), but it’s another rare album without a single track I’d want to skip. “Natural Science”, what a closer.

    Also, who co-opted “YYZ”? I’m not sure I know what you mean by that.


  2. Bangkok is awesome, and as far as I’m aware is a fan favourite.
    I like all the songs you listed as bad.

    Also YYZ is a cultural thing in the wake of Guitar Hero, with all ‘totally random doodz,’ taking it over in addition to drum forums bumming it.


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