Pre Record Deal albums, later reissued while signed and debut albums of demo quality…

Here is my opinion on some Pre Record Deal albums, later reissued while the band are signed and also signed band’s debut albums that are only of demo quality…

– New American Gospel is the first real album by Lamb of God, I always call it THE (pronounced ‘thugh,’) New American Gospel and constantly forget that is simply titled New American Gospel, and is free from the word ‘the.’
The album is actually chocked full of excellent riffs, memorably and impressive drumming and is each and every time I listen to it… surprisingly better than I expect it to be. That being said, I find it difficult to listen to because Randy’s voice is so different to what I am used to from the later work of the band in addition to the album having a horrible sounding drum production that makes listening to it in its entirety a real challenge.

– This Present Darkness is the debut EP by Chimaira which is available with their DVD, The Dehumanizing process. Because of the lyrics in the title track, I always call this ep ‘IN This Present Darkness,’ but once again… there is no ‘In,’ in the title.
There is a lot to like about most of the songs on here, and sometimes I find myself thinking that the EP is pretty good. However, its just not quite there, its missing something and just feels a little ‘off.’

– Killswitch’s Self Titled Album from 2000. I feel exactly the same about this as This Present Darkness, with the caveat that on the occasions I regard it well, its not AS highly as This Present Darkness, and I don’t listen to it anywhere near as often as This Present Darkness.

– Ember to Inferno is the debut album from Trivium, but it wasn’t originally on Roadrunner, didn’t originally have the proper Trivium Logo on the artwork and thus I file it in my brain as a demo reissue rather than the band’s debut. Its very strong, but a tad boring, although when they play anything off of it live I really enjoy it.
Because of lyrics on the album I always call this ‘FROM Ember To Inferno.’ …These band’s are starting to piss me off.

– The Beginning of All Things To End by Mudvayne was self-released as ‘Kill I Oughta,’ in 1997 and reissued with the new name, new artwork and two pointless remixes of LD50 tracks in 2001.
Frankly, I can’t get into it at all. The sound is a bit too Korn/Coal Chamber/Early-Deftones for me and most of the elements that make Mudvayne so amazing to me aren’t present yet. It also has a mixture of Live and Studio tracks, with no designation of ‘bonus,’ and thus my shite brain takes issue.

– Trepanation by American Head Charge, an independant album/demo. Many (The vast majority) of the tracks were recorded better on The War Of Art… so this is a very rare listen, mostly for curiosity.

– Don’t Close Your Eyes was and EP from Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive, later reissued with new artwork and a bunch of other semi-rare tracks. It is of a very high quality and apart from the production, is almost as good as their ‘real albums.’ That being said, some of the tracks were re-recorded on subsequent albums, so they are curios in the same style as the Trepanation stuff.
Still, this is currently my favourite of all the albums in this list.

– This Is What the Edge of Your Seat Was Made For is the first release by Bring Me The Horizon, and I can’t get into it whatsoever, but haven’t really tried very hard yet. Don’t know if I’ll get around to it either.

– Call Of The Mastodon… constantly better than I remember; the title track is a banger, but overall never as good as the ‘real albums.’ Possibly too heavy and vocals too hard to make out.

With the majority of the albums on this list, in iTunes, I put the number ’00,’ before the album name, as I arrange all my music chronologically with numbers such as ’01,’ and ’02,’ in front of the names to indicate that the album was the band’s first and second etc… with albums such as the ones on this list, they are chronologically older than the band’s debut, but the debut is their FIRST ALBUM to my brain, thus these albums have to be 00 so that the debut can be 01….. and this sentence can fit very well in the How My Stupid Head Works bit of the blog.

Strangely, my brain does not force me to file Mushroomhead’s XX album as one of these, even though it is essentially a greatest hits package taken from several albums that’d fit in this list…. oh well.

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