Flaw – Homegrown Studio Sessions Review

Flaw - Homegrown Studio Sessions

Flaw - Homegrown Studio Sessions

Flaw were one of the most underrated and talented bands to arise during the Nu Metal era, releasing their exceptional major label debut Trough The Eyes in 2001 and falling into obscurity and disbanding after their second major label album Endangered Species.

This third album was independently released by the band in 2009. As such the recording quality isn’t as high as their major label Universal Records albums and the packaging isn’t as elaborate, but don’t let that stop you giving the album an honest and fair listen.

Singer Chris Volz still has the strong voice and lyrical quality to make Flaw sound both impressive and stylistically enough like you remember them, even if the line up shifts, modern playing and lower quality production job do make Homegrown Studio Sessions sound very different to the earlier albums.

The album as a whole isn’t exactly the best material ever released under the Flaw name, however there is still enough high quality material on offer to warrant serious consideration from Flaw fans. Some of the tracks are very strong, such as ‘Concealed,’ ‘Alive Again’ and especially album closer ‘Blood Red Sky.’

Overall; this isn’t exactly the same style or quality as you would hope for, but still is worth checking out not only to support the band, but also in its own right.

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