Black Country Communion – 2 Review

Black Country Communion - 2

Black Country Communion - 2

Black Country Communion’s second studio album, simply entitled ‘2,’ is a very strong album from a band that are getting better and more confident, gelling together as a group well and hammering home their sound.

At first I was skeptical of how good the album could be, as when big names collaborate the results aren’t always as good as the sum of their parts and often when any band constantly get described as sounding like bands they have some vague connection with, they usually fail to measure up.

The album features all the blazing keyboard solos and big, roomy drum sounds you’d expect from a band who gladly state their fondness for Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin in their linear notes. The overall style that the band were aiming for has been achieved perfectly, but that isn’t enough if the songwriting isn’t up to standard.

Thankfully, Black Country Communion have delivered in this department with ‘2.’ The album starts very strong, and opens up with the hard rocking ‘The Outsider,’ and follows up with the heavy yet groove laden single ‘Man In The Middle,’ which serves as just about as strong a one-two opening punch as any fan could hope for.

The album thankfully concentrates on straight up rock, but also mixes a few variations into the formula, a little folky section on one track, a blues track and a few more dynamic tracks with eastern influences keep things interesting.

All the musicians are on top form, Glen Hughes sings with gusto and plays just as well, Jason Bonham nails the drumming in both power and feel and Joe Bonamassa’s excellent playing fits into the band more naturally than on the band’s debut. A special mention is deserved for Derek Sherinian, who absolutely shines on this record.

With this second album, Black Country Communion fulfill their potential and deliver a very enjoyable slab of driving classic rock music, proving to be more than just a cash in on nostalgia, but a strong musical force to be genuinely appreciated.

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