Deep Purple – In Rock Review

Deep Purple - In Rock

Deep Purple - In Rock

Deep Purple In Rock, the band’s fourth studio album (and first under the MKII line up of Ian Gillan, Ian Paice, Roger Glover, Jon Lord and Ritichie Blackmore) is one of the all time classic rock albums, streets ahead of its time and full of absolutely classic material.

The album starts as it means to go on with energetic opener ‘Speed King,’ a furious and surprisingly heavy song that perfectly illustrates both what the album has still to come and what the MKII Deep Purple line up has to offer. The album is hard, direct and thoroughly captivating throughout, treading the line between reckless energy and expert musicianship really well.

Tracks like ‘Blood Sucker,’ ‘Flight Of The Rat,’ and ‘Living Wreck,’ are some of the best rock songs you are likely to hear in your lifetime, and perfectly demonstrate why so many people still love this band, line up and album.

In Rock also contains the ten minute moody epic ‘Child In Time,’ which features one of the best vocal performances anyone has ever recorded and which is one of the best Deep Purple songs period.

If you have any interest in rock or metal music at all, at some point you really ought to try Deep Purple In Rock. You’ll find a very enjoyable listening experience if you do.

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