Kiss – Sonic Boom Review

Kiss - Sonic Boom

Kiss - Sonic Boom

I was a little bit skeptical going into this album, the band had talked about going back to their 1970s style, they had talked about producing it to sound like a classic record, they had talked about using old guitars and amps. Still, in all honesty, I didn’t think they’d be able to recapture the feel of their 70s output, or if they did, it would be a sad nostalgia fest that wouldn’t be good, despite being the style that I wanted.

Luckily, Sonic Boom is a great album. The band have managed to do the impossible and create an album in 2009 that is both fresh, relevant and also containing a classic 70s feel. The thing is, despite the style and the production, the songs are just plain good again, and that is what makes the difference. It could’ve sounded like the glory days and still been a collection of poor songs, but it good in and of itself.

Its been two years that I’ve lived with this, and still I keep coming back so this isn’t hype, not release day excitement. Sonic Boom is just a great album, with enduring quality. Full of good songs like the explosive single ‘Modern Day Delilah,’ the Thayer featuring ‘When Lightning Strikes,’ and the furiously catchy ‘All For The Glory.’

Like all the best Kiss albums, the album mixes a good ratio of Stanely to Simmons vocals, and Thayer even gets about as much of a slot as Ace would’ve back in the day. This, mixed with the fact that there are no guest writers, no over-sweet ballads and just a solid collection of vital, enjoyable rock music help Sonic Boom honestly be one of the best Kiss albums. How many bands from the 70s, in all honesty, can actually say that an album they made these days is as good as something from their hey day ? Not many.

Sonic Boom is a seriously good album and you should definitely overcome your cynicism and give it a try, you won’t forget it.

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