Super Duper Summer ’11

Over the past year or so, different bands or magazines and fans talking about them talked about how they would have a new album for summer 2011, which due to my personal tastes look to be one of the most amazing summers in music.

These bands included Mastodon, Machine Head, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Down, Biohazard, Marilyn Manson, The Mars Volta, Kiss, Chimaira, Five Finger Death Punch, Rise To Remain, Trivium, Limp Bizkit, Yes and Arctic Monkeys. Some debuted new songs live or put out videos, teasers or whatever else.

Rumours, less believable but still interesting, also existed that some bands who were going would have recorded an album by then or release material that had been recorded put not yet put out, including Guns N Roses, Amen, Rage Against The Machine, Kyuss Lives, Tool, The Mars Volta (again) and others.

Of all of them, only Trivium, Limp Bizkit, Yes and Arctic Monkeys pulled it off, everyone else has set release dates in September or later. And for some reason I haven’t gotten around to getting to Yes or Limp Bizkit’s albums yet.

So much for the best summer of music ever ! That would’ve been absolutely incredible for my individual music tastes, shame it didn’t happen. Autumn and Winter will be excellent though, so there’s something.

Ps. Also Sepultura’s Kairos, now I think about it.

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