Rise To Remain – City Of Vultures Review

Rise To Remain - City Of Vultures

Rise To Remain - City Of Vultures

Rise To Remain impressed me a lot with their fantastic EP Bridges Will Burn and I eagerly anticipated a full length album from the band, which they have now in 2011 delivered with City Of Vultures.

The album includes the singles ‘Nothing Left,’ ‘The Serpent,’ and ‘Power Through Fear,’ all of which are pretty indicative of the album as a whole: Heavy sections, melodic choruses, guitar solos and fun double kick patterns from the excellent Pat Lundy.

Colin Richardson ably handles the production, managing deftly to keep both the heaviness and melody that the band deliver without one overpowering the other and without just creating a bland radio-metal sound.

The album features re-recording of the earlier tracks ‘Nothing Left,’ and ‘Bridges Will Burn,’ which benefit from the improved production job and slicker performances. Some fans will doubtless find it a little overproduced and commercial, but repeat listens should help uncover the heavy songs underneath.

Standout tracks include the aforementioned ‘The Serpent,’ as well as ‘Talking In Whispers,’ and the album highlight ‘Illusions.’

Overall, Rise To Remain are a hugely talented British Metalcore act that you ought to check out if you are into the genre. They aren’t furiously original, but they play this type of music incredibly well. City Of Vultures is a strong album which brilliantly fulfills promise that the band made with their earlier EPs.

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