Rishloo – Eidolon Review

Rishloo - Eidolon

Rishloo - Eidolon

Rishloo are an exciting and hugely impressive modern progressive band from Seattle, USA. Their sound is a very powerful and mixes soft haunting sections of what could be described as poetic beauty, with harsh and heavy build ups, unusual patterns and complex instrumental sections.

The band can often get compared to Tool because of the similarities in the vocal department, and indeed if you do enjoy Maynard James Keenan’s voice and vocal patterns then Rishloo are definitely a proposition you should explore. Musically; there are some very clear and audible influences from Lateralus era Tool as well, especially on this album, but the band aren’t simply a Tool rip off.

Their sound comes with more light and sweet moments and travels into other territories, perhaps like A Perfect Circle and even certain less obvious parts of Coheed And Cambria’s sound. The best way to explain it is that each musician plays and uses tones and equipment similar to Tool, but the songwriting is quite different.

For example, the track ‘Alchemy Alice,’ has some very Maynard-esque vocals when the song gets loud and heavy towards the end, but the track ‘Freaks & Animals,’ is unlike anything Tool would ever write, in the same way that Mastodon and Neurosis share very audible and direct similarities but go about songwriting is utterly different ways.

When you get past who they do or don’t sound like however, this is an utterly superb album, tracks like ‘Eidolon Alpha,’ and ‘Disco Biscuit,’ are dynamic and powerful examples of superb musicianship and extreme talent. From occasional touches of piano, to effects laden bass-guitar and disjointed hi-hat triplet lead beats and odd time signatures, Rishloo provide a brilliant listening experience.

Eidolon is the second studio album from Rishloo, and sees the band getting more direct and focused, with more frequent heavy moments and songwriting which is more memorable and professional than their previous works whilst still retaining musical complexity. Put simply; it is a fantastic record, absolutely fantastic!

This is one of the most instantly enjoyable records I have heard in the last few years, and got put on repeat pretty much from the time I discovered it. If you like Progressive music, especially modern progressive music then I strongly urge you to give Rishloo a listen.

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