Napalm Death – Harmony Corruption Review

Napalm Death - Harmony Corruption

Napalm Death - Harmony Corruption

1990’s Harmony Corruption was Napalm Death’s third full length studio album and was a record that herladed a lot of changes for the band. It was their first album to feature two guitarists rather than one, in the form of Mitch Harris and Jesse Pintado (allegedly originator of the term “grindcore,” although so are many people) as well as the first album to feature Vocals from Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway.

In addition to the change in line-up that, with the exception of drummer Mick Harris leaving (and Jesse Pintado tragically dying) remained constant on every Napalm Death album ever since, the band also saw a significant shift in musical direction, allowing more slow tempo grooves into the mix and relying less constantly on Blast Beats.

When compared to the band’s first two albums, the lyrics are a lot more developed and intelligent, the song lengths are markedly longer and the music within had taken on a large influence from the Death Metal scene at the time. The production is also a lot better as Napalm Death recorded the album in Florida at Morrisound Studios with Scott Burns, who as many listeners will know is associated with many important and genre defining records all with a connected production style.

If anyone was still in doubt of the band’s Death Metal leanings, John Tardy of Obituary and Glen Benton of Deicide even provide guest vocals on the record, further associating Harmony Corruption with the American Death Metal scene of the era.

Ignoring the direction of the music however, Harmony Corruption is just a rock solid album of well crafted material, with excellent performances from all involved and great songwriting; Barney’s vocals especially are incredibly strong here, there are some great double-kick patterns on display and importantly there are a lot of exciting and memorable riffs all throughout the album’s duration.

Album highlights include the catchy and thrashy ‘Circle Of Hypocrisy,’ the fast and heavy ‘Extremity Retained,’& ‘Mind Snare,’ as well as the famous single ‘Suffer The Children.’

It is instantly noticeable just how good the songs are on Harmony Corruption. This is not just a good album from Napalm Death but an all round good album for metal in general. Harmony Corruption is a very strong and enjoyable album full of classic material that the band will still play live to this day, material that no greatest hits collection or live album would go without.

Overall; If you like the band but haven’t tried Harmony Corruption yet, you are in for a real treat. It is an undeniable Napalm Death classic that no serious fan should overlook, and even that any fan of Morrisound Death Metal should consider having a listen to.


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