Jethro Tull – A Little Light Music Review

Jethro Tull - A Little Light Music

Jethro Tull - A Little Light Music

Jethro Tull’s 1992 live album A Little Light Music finds the band later into their career than their more famous live album Bursting Out. It may not be the most famous of Tull releases but is worth checking out for existing fans who want something they haven’t heard a hundred times before as the band are largely playing quieter tracks with the selection of songs taken from various locations around the world as opposed to from a single complete concert.

This album does feature a few exceptions to the lighter/quieter formula however, such as ‘Rocks On The Road,’ and ‘Locomotive Breath,’ (albeit with reduced speed and distortion) but overall the release is not about big riffs, unbridled energy and rock fury but rather laid back entertainment, hence the album title.

The tracks can have a very different feel than their original studio versions, with many more instrumental sections and solos, in some cases extending their overall length by minutes such as the completely instrumental but utterly enjoyable rendition of ‘Living In The Past,’ which is basically a five minute flute solo or the very different version of ‘A New Day Yesterday,’ which takes the fan-favourite song in a few unexpected directions.

In addition to most of the songs having a different feel, the track listing includes a lot of tracks that wouldn’t just be on every Tull live album or hits-compilation, adding some extra level of interest to fans. Tracks like ‘From A Deadbeat To An Old Greaser,’ ‘One White Duck,’ ‘This Is Not Love,’ ‘Nursie,’ and ‘Under Wraps,’ aren’t going to be on many other releases and that gives the record a little uniqueness at least.

Overall, This is not really the first Jethro Tull album you should buy, not even the first Jethro Tull Live Album that you should buy (the aforementioned arguably Bursting Out holds that honour) but there is certainly a lot of worth on the record and it is something that Tull fans will find enjoyable, even the fact that the tracks aren’t from one single concert doesn’t detract from the album’s quality, balanced and smoothly flowing as it is.

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