Forbidden – Forbidden Evil Review

Forbidden - Forbidden Evil

Forbidden - Forbidden Evil

American Bay Area Thrash Metal band Forbidden are one of the great underrated Thrash bands that everyone who gets into the genre a little further than normal will love but who unfortunately never seem to have broke out of that limited audience and gotten the recognition that their fantastic music deserved, even with the odd couple of fans giving them a curiosity based on association with Machine Head’s Rob Flynn.

Their 1988 debut album Forbidden Evil is rightly regarded as a classic album by most Thrash fans and is honestly one of the best albums that the genre ever spawned, even among the very tight competition. In fact it is still arguably the band’s finest achievement to date. If you are a big fan of the genre then chances are that you’ll likely enjoy this album a hell of a lot.

The album is significant for its excellent dual guitar lead breaks and many wonderful guitar solos, this really is a musician’s kind of album, with startling displays of talent and virtuosos musicianship on display, of course there are just a lot of good old fashion great riffs, so as not to alienate the core listener and disappear up their own pretensions. Forbidden Evil is indeed still at its heart a hard, fast and heavy thrash album.

The drums are handled by Paul Bostaph, who would later go on to play in many of the best ever Thrash bands including Testament, Exodus and Slayer. He puts down a really strong performance on this record and there are a lot of fierce and creative drum fills and rock solid beats throughout.

Russ Anderson has an interesting voice and can add harsh vocals into the mix to suit the heavier riff based sections as well as soaring melodic vocals in a more traditional style, which suits the more melodic guitar, lead centric sections.

Highlights include the wonderful album opener ‘Chalice Of Blood,’ as well as ‘Through Eyes Of Glass,’ and the incredibly catchy ‘March Into Fire,’ all of which will stick in your head after listening to.

Overall; Forbidden Evil is a great album and deserves all the positive attention that it receives, if you are serious about your Thrash Metal then you should definitely consider getting yourself a copy; everything the genre represents in terms of style, delivery and musicianship are represented incredibly well on this strong and memorable album.

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