Forbidden – Twisted Into Form Review

 Forbidden - Twisted Into Form

Forbidden - Twisted Into Form

The second full length studio album from Forbidden, Twisted Into Form, sees the band in a progressive mood; Taking their trademark Melodic Thrash metal style and applying a high dose of what fans thrash bands towards the end of the eighties decide to call ‘epic experimentation,’ which essentially involved making songs longer, using varied tempos, occasional quieter moments and sometimes time signature shifts.

The direction that the band took with their songwriting ended up making this have that classic feel of albums such as Overkill’s fourth album ‘The Years Of Decay,’ or Metallica’s fourth album ‘…And Justice For All.’

As with their debut album Forbidden Evil, the musicianship is still top quality with flailing tom fills, incredible guitar solos and lead breaks, often with dual guitar harmonies as well as soaring melodic vocals over pure and simple thrash metal riffing. Adding to this are some interesting progressive overtones to help the album stand out from the crowd.

Overall this album is damn close in quality to their amazing debut album Forbidden Evil and has its own flavour by placing more of an emphasis on musicianship than on speed. Don’t be fooled however, they loose none of their metal power or aggression in the process, resulting in an overall very strong record indeed.

In summary; If you like your Thrash Metal melodic, catchy and musically impressive then Forbidden are a band that you should investigate and Twisted Into Form is an album that you should pick up, being as it is an absolute must have for fans of Forbidden and a great eye opener for new comers.

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