Shrinebuilder – S/T

Shrinebuilder  - S/T

Shrinebuilder - S/T

Shrinebuilder are an exciting super group formed from great and influential artists in the Doom, Sludge and Stoner genres, who play an elaborate mixture of the three styles resulting in an incredibly strong and well formed rock and metal listening experience.

The line up features Scott Kelly on guitar and vocals (Neurosis and frequent and vocal guest to Mastodon) Al Cisneros on bass and vocals (Sleep/Om) Dale Crover on the drums (The Melvins) and finally the legendary and hardworking Scott ‘Wino’ Weinrich on guitar and vocals (Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, The Hidden Hand and vocal guest to Clutch, Probot and more)

With a line up like that, a whole sub-community of rock and metal fans should be clamoring all over this band. The best thing of all however is that, unlike most super-groups Shrinebuilder actually gel really well as a band and turn in a collaborative feeling record that actually sounds both as good as the sum of its parts and as if it was written together in a room by all the members, rather than just hastily compiled from their own individual songs.

Even with this collaborative feel and distinct Shrinebuilder sound however, each individual member still manage to put their own stylistic stamp on each and every song.

The tracks on their self titled debut studio album from 2009 are all fairly long and explore a mixture of moods, with rumbling bass, fuzzy effects laiden lead guitar and a mixture of vocal styles that range from a classic rock feel to loud sludge style barking, often transitioning seamlessly.

The album is absolutely consistent throughout and all five tracks are exemplary, and would each be a stand out track on anyone else’s album. Even the production job is perfect; leaving a remarkable album that can’t really be faulted in any serious way. If the band can maintain this standard of quality I really hope to hear more from Shrinebuilder in the future.

In summary, if you like any of the musicians involved in this project or any of the genres from which they come then Shrinebuilder is something that you really ought to check out. Best of all, it all works incredibly well musically and would still be one of the best albums released that year if none of these musicians were famous.

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