Overkill – Fuck You And Then Some Review

Overkill - Fuck You And Then Some

Overkill - Fuck You And Then Some

Fuck You And Then Some is a compilation release from legendary New York Thrash Metal band Overkill which consists of live and demo versions of some of their best loved early material from the 1980s, as well as a studio recording of the Title Track and a live Black Sabbath cover. At first it may not seem like the most essential purchase and indeed some fans may wish to give it a miss, but the compilation is very good for what it actually is.

The album is available individually or also packaged together with their debut Studio album Feel The Fire which contains some of the same tracks, rerecorded. The last four tracks on the album are from the band’s eponymous 1984 demo EP and are of much historical interest to serious Overkill fans. Tracks two through eight are decently recorded and well performed live tracks that are welcome considering the band don’t have an official live album from their classic 1980s period.

The track listing is as follows:
1. “Fuck You” (studio) – 2:20
2. “Rotten To The Core” (live) – 6:41
3. “Hammerhead” (live) – 3:57
4. “Use Your Head” (live) – 5:18
5. “Electro-Violence” (live) – 3:50
6. “Fuck You” (live) – 2:28
7. “Hole In The Sky” (live) (Black Sabbath cover) – 3:42
8. “E.vil N.ever D.ies”(live) – 6:11
9. “Rotten To The Core” (demo) – 5:14
10. “Fatal If Swallowed” (demo) – 6:20
11. “The Answer”(demo) – 8:49
12. “Overkill” (demo) – 3:41

Overall, Fuck You And Then Some is a worthwhile addition to an Overkill fan’s collection, especially those who like the band’s earlier work. For new fans it isn’t the most mind blowing material that the band have to offer but does take on the role of a very good set of bonus tracks should you chose to buy the version that also contains the entire of their excellent debut album Feel The Fire.

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