Praise For My Reviews

***The following is a list of some of the positive amazon comments, emails and Blog Comments that I’ve received regarding my reviews***

‘Excellent – Classic Rock magazine are you watching, do you have a vacancy?’

‘Best review I have ever read on Amazon. Thanks!’

‘A great review; I really enjoy reading your stuff; amongst the best on Amazon and I do not say that lightly!’

‘If I could review a review, I’d give you 10 out of 10!’

‘I’ve never been through anyone’s reviews before but after seeing yours of the new clutch one I had to take a look and they’ve all been great, why aren’t you writing for a magazine? keep up the great work’

‘I was going to write a review, but yours is perfect. ‘

‘Very cogent, insightful and well written review; a rarity on amazon. Many thanks. ‘

‘Keep up the good work on your reviews; I always enjoy your reviews and must say you do a fine job at them.’

‘Thank you very much for your well thought out, comparative analysis of this album. I’ll be buying it as, like you, I just really enjoy most things about Serj. Thanks again, its hard to find such good reviews as yours.’

‘This is the BEST review I’ve read in AMAZON. Congratulations from Brazil. I have a son called Ian after the Anderson one (by this you understand hiw I like JT and IA) and I agree with every single word you’ve written !!! Keep on proging.’

‘Superbly written review. Couldn’t have said it better myself….so I wont!!’

‘Great review, spot on, couldnt agree more.’

‘Honestly, if enough reviews were this well written I would have purchased a lot more than what i already have. Keep up the good work, and great post.’

‘You will cause me to spend quite a lot of money I fear! Your reviews are incredibly accurate and insightful and I’ve yet to purchase anything based upon your recommendation which has disappointed even slightly. Many thanks,’

‘I think your Amazon reviews do so well because you review things a lot of people want to know about very, very quickly and in a proven, solid, reasonable and exhaustive manner. Again, you know exactly how to do this and I reckon people know what to expect from you’

‘Congratulations on a sterling review.’

‘This is one of the best reviews I’ve read in ages – totally objective and informative. Thank you!’

‘I very much like this review, everything about it seems just about right.’

‘Gentlegiantprog “kingcrimsonprog”, your review is so unbelievably helpful that i am very surprised someone has claimed it was unhelpful. Well, from me, thanks for that, a great read! I certainly will buy it, would have bought it anyway but now I’m itching to get my hands on it,’

‘Great review man! I am not an Anthrax Expert, have only a couple of albums, but thanks to you I know what to do and buy. Great, Thanks,’

‘I’d just like to thank you for this brilliant and detailed review.
I was going to buy the album anyway, being a huge Trivium fan. but it’s nice to get intelligent and informed feedback.’

‘Good review, and I wish I had read it before purchase!’

‘Cool review, entertaining, informative, what more could I ask for.’

‘A really intelligent and thoughtful review. I think I’ll get reading some of your others. Thank you jnbp.’

‘Thanks for a great review.Covered everything I wanted to know before I part with my cash !!! ‘

‘Really, REALLY good review’

‘Fantastic review. I was about to write my own five star review but you have covered it all! An essential purchase for Tull fans.’

‘great review… thanks…. ‘

‘May i add my congrats on your review…you’ve done a very good job of selling this product’

‘A damn fine review’

‘Spot on review’

‘Great review, I’m sold!’

‘Great review!’

‘Extremely well thought out comments.’

‘Too bad I missed all your Napalm Death reviews while they were on the frontpage. Great reviews all of them.’

‘In your review you mentioned every point that I was raise in my review, so I just gave you a thumbs up and went back to listening to the music. Great review!’

‘Excellent Review.’Nuff said.’

‘Excellent review! You summed it up perfectly!’

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