Too Much Stuff, Chill Already!

I’ve bought too much stuff this year. I think that’s me done with buying stuff for a while, totally fucking OD’d on stuff towards the end of the season there, and I’ve only got one week of work left, so better reign in in and absorb what all I’ve got.

Since the summer started I’ve bought:

One Neurosis EP
Two The Grand Astoria albums (+itunes bonus tracks)
Four Corrosion Of Conformity album
Five Monster Magnet albums
One Clutch album
Two Five Horse Johnson albums
One Sixty Watt Shaman album
One Red Fang album
One Black Tusk album
One Mastodon album (+itunes bonus tracks)
One Machine Head album (+itunes bonus tracks)
One Five Finger Death Punch album (+itunes bonus tracks)
One Chimaira album
One DevilDriver album
One Trivium album
One Rise To Remain album
One Architects album
One Anthrax album
One Megadeth album
Four Dio albums
Eight Ozzy albums
Three Rainbow albums
One Judas Priest album
One Deep Purple album
One Black Country Communion album
One Arctic Monkeys album (+itunes bonus tracks)
One Shadows Fall DVD
One Caravan DVD
One Deep Purple DVD
One Queen Blu Ray
Two Digital Computer Games
Two Physical Computer Games

Ten Vinyl albums for putting on my wall (and I’ve just bid on a load more today, lets hope they all get outbid)

Plus Downloaded:
One Free Gama Bomb album
Five Free Sheavy albums
Two Free Kowloon Walled City albums

Plus received as Gifts:
One Jasta album
One Dozer album
One Amplifier album (+Free Bonus EP)

Oh… and bought Five ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’ books.

…and all that was after coming off a bit of splurging when I finished/was finishing Uni and ended up buying some Radiohead, Amon Amarth, Forbidden, Queen and Parkway Drive albums.

Last Year towards the end of the season I bought loads of Metalcore and Judas Priest records I still haven’t fully absorbed and the year before that I bought a load of Down & Kreator albums I’m still absorbing, as well as a tonne of music DVDs.

I think I’m seriously just going to chill the fuck out with all the stuff.

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  1. Current list of unconsumeds:

    Spider-Man Clone Saga book 5
    Gotham Central books 2 and 3
    Spider-Man: Spirits Of The Earth
    Constantine: Original Sins

    Rush: Time Machine BD

    Uncharted 3
    Ocarina 3D

    Mark Kermode – It’s Only A Movie
    Kim Newman- Anno Dracula
    Gavin Baddeley/ Dani Filth- The Gospel Of Filth

    Mastodon- The Hunter

    Filth book and Ocarina are the only two from before the summer though. Comics and books take much less time to tick off than albums. I don’t envy you in that respect.


    • Oh, mine are pretty well consumed after a fashion, in parts (eg. The Hunter, at least 11 full playthroughs, and 20 odd for some individual tracks)

      Some of it, like the newer stuff is at between 2-6 full plays and multiple plays within the LISTEN TO MORE playlists…

      Not actually stockpiled and unheard/read/watched…Just, you know… too much, with too soon between acquisitions.

      Although saying that, Resi D/Ls are taking a backseat.


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