Monster Magnet – Powertrip Review

Monster Magnet - Powertrip

Monster Magnet - Powertrip

There are a few things which seem to define every Monster Magnet album; At least a touch (or more) of Psychedelia, lots of guitar effects, vocal and lyrical attitude and humour from frontman Dave Wyndorf and of course, big rocking riffs.

Every Monster Magnet album features these key ingredients in some combination, be they heavily Physcedelic early albums with a few big riffs, or their newer hard rock albums with a bit of Psychedelia in the mix.

The band’s biggest and most commercially successful album Powertrip is therefor a Monster Magnet album in every way, only this time however it just oozes with an indefinable x-factor that makes the music instantly classic.

Powertrip was Monster Magnet’s fourth full-length Studio Album, which was conceived after Dave Wyndorf relocated to Las Vegas and wrote a full album of tracks designed to make a bigger commercial dent in 1998, it featured the hit tracks ‘Space Lord,’ ‘See You In Hell’ and ‘Powertrip.’

Tracks like the aforementioned ‘Powertrip,’ as well as ‘Tractor,’ and the furiously catchy ‘Bummer,’ are some of the most memorable and instantly loveable tracks in the band’s history, they just so three-dimensional and jump out of the speakers.

The lyrics, as always with Monster Magnet are a mixture of really intelligent and intriguing ideas, with humour, metaphor and cocky rock and roll ego. Dave’s diverse vocal range helps convey a whole host of moods, emotions and flavours really well.

Additionally, there is a large amount of variety on the album; from normal Stoner Rock numbers, to Surf Music influences, eastern scales, slow grooves, fast rock numbers, keyboards, bongos, shakers and even a haunting semi-electronic ballad. The album features all the bells and whistles, with an everything but-the-kitchen-sink approach, yet instead of feeling confused and overproduced, it all works perfectly together.

Overall, Monster Magnet have covered a lot of territory over the years, but if you are thinking about getting into the band for the first time, then this is the album that’ll settle with you the most right away. It is a very diverse and interesting album that covers a lot of ground and should acclimatize you to the band’s vocal and lyrical styles. If you like it then you can start getting into the bands other brilliant, but less ‘instant’ albums.

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