Monster Magnet – Dopes To Infinity Review

Monster Magnet - Dopes To Infinity

Monster Magnet - Dopes To Infinity

Dopes To Infinity was released in 1995 and was the third full-length studio album from the Red Bank, New Jersey based rock/metal band Monster Magnet, the album is somewhat of a cult classic within the Stoner Rock genre and is very popular among Monster Magnet fans.

Dopes To Infinity contains the single ‘Negasonic Teenage Warhead’ and the popular tracks ‘Dead Christmas’ and ‘Look To Your Orb For The Warning.’

In every way, this is a strong album from the band. The lyrics, production, performances and songwriting are all just on top form, with Dave’s Vocals in particular really coming in to their own. Stylistically, the album maintains some of the psychedelic touches of its predecessors but overall relies more on riffs and grooves.

Highlights include the memorable ‘King Of Mars,’ as well as the aforementioned ‘Negasonic Teenage Warhead’ and ‘Look To Your Orb For The Warning,’ all of which demonstrate what Monster Magnet were capable of when at their best.

In summary, Dopes To Infinity is a strong, confident and well written album that contains a lot of classic material and is more than worth a place in any Stoner Rock collection. If you are a fan then hands down you need a copy of Dopes To Infinity and it is indeed a good record to pick up even if you are a prospective fan.

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