Monster Magnet – God Says No Review

Monster Magnet - God Says No

Monster Magnet - God Says No

God Says No is the fifth full-length studio album from Monster Magnet and was released in the year 2000, just short two years after the Red Bank, New Jersey based band’s previous commercial-breakthrough record Powertrip.

Highlights include the ridiculously catchy ‘Kiss Of The Scorpion,’ as well as the grooving ‘All Shook Out,’ the heavy ‘Down In The Jungle’ and the popular eastern-tinged ‘Cry.’

The album finds Monster Magnet at their most diverse and eclectic, expanding further on styles and sounds only previously hinted at in their back catalogue, while still maintain the band’s trademark lyrical and vocal attitude. The aforementioned ‘Kiss Of The Scorpion’ is an uplifting and incredibly enjoyable track with a keyboard backing, ‘Queen Of You’ has electronic drums, ‘Gravity Well’ is a slide guitar driven Blues number and ‘Heads Explode’ sounds like the lead single from a Nu Metal band (and indeed was included on the Dracula 2000 soundtrack)

The diversity of the record, as well as the perceived stripping back of studio wizardry and psychedelic influences make this album something of a divisive record amongst fans. Some people are just happy to come along with Monster Magnet for the ride and don’t mind what territory they are covering because it is being done so well, and some are unconvinced by the band’s eclecticism and don’t rate the album as highly as some of their pioneering early albums.

There are still tracks here too that are perfect for specifically Stoner Rock fans and not just Monster Magnet fans up for a bit of anything; ‘All Shook Out,’ ‘Melt,’ and ‘My Little Friend’ for example would fit in well with the band’s older material a little easier, and help to bridge the difference.

Personally I still think this is a good album and while it may not be to everyone’s tastes I believe it is a grower of an album you should give a fair couple of listens first, to see if you are interested rather than just writing it off completely. Dave’s vocals are still brilliant after all and there are plenty of great big riffs amongst the keyboards and electronic beats.

Overall; God Says No is not a traditional Monster Magnet album, but is so well written and interesting that it should be experienced by everyone interested in the band at least a few times, and if given a fair chance may still keep a lot of fans happy.

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