Robot Lords Of Tokyo – Whiskey, Blood & Napalm Review

Robot Lords Of Tokyo -  Whiskey, Blood & Napalm

Robot Lords Of Tokyo - Whiskey, Blood & Napalm

If you like the sort of Southern Metal/Stoner Rock sounds of either bands like Pantera, Down and Corrosion of Conformity or Clutch, Dozer and Monster Magnet then Robot Lords Of Tokyo (who are actually named after a Clutch lyric) are a band that you really might enjoy, mixing as they do the two types of music rather well, with the general tonal quality’s of stoner bands and the pace and bite of Southern Metal.

Whiskey, Blood & Napalm is the band’s second studio album and was released in 2009. The band include ten tracks on this album, one of which is a heavied-up cover of Kiss’s `Larger Than Life,’ which was one of the additional studio recordings at the end of their second live album Alive 2.

The tracks on Whiskey, Blood & Napalm are mostly direct and hard numbers that occupy that perfect sweet spot where rock becomes metal; the kind of songs that are both heavy and catchy but also fun and stompy, with both a clear Skynyrd/Zeppelin lineage and a more modern metallic edge.

Highlights include `Bring It Down’ and `Shakedown,’ both of which are great examples of the bands straight forward no nonsense rocking style, as well as the album closer ‘Comes Eternal Night’ which has a Zack Wylde era Ozzy Osbourne feel to it in parts.

Overall, this is a very strong and enjoyable album with good a number of bouncy and memorable songs. If you normally like this type of music (especially C.O.C), then this album is something you may seriously wish to consider trying out.

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