Sheavy – The Machine That Won The War Review

Sheavy - The Machine That Won The War

Sheavy - The Machine That Won The War

Sheavy are an absolutely solid and consistent Stoner Rock/Metal band from Canada who have been releasing a stream of very strong albums since the 1990’s with arguably no drop in quality.

The band have a formula, laying big Sabbath influenced Stoner Rock riffs over rock 1990’s sounding rock songs that range from the laid back fun of Fu Manchu territory to sounding like an actual track off a 1970s Black Sabbath album. This similarity is helped as always by the uncanny vocal similarity for which Sheavy are most famous.

While the band’s first two or three records were a little more psychedelic, 2007’s The Machine That Won The War (the band’s sixth full-length studio album) continues the trend of their albums getting heavier, faster and more direct on the one hand, and yet incorporating a few Doom Metal influences into their Stoner sound on the other hand. It is ironic that a band most famous for their similarity with Ozzy era Sabbath have started to sound musically like Dio era Sabbath, in terms of riffs and speed at least.

If you like Sheavy, you will like this album, it definitely contains all the vital elements that made their other albums good. As usual, the standard of production, performance and songwriting is very high and there are plenty of big riffs and catchy songs to wrap your head around.

The only possible flaws you will find are that it is similar to existing Sheavy albums, and too similar to Black Sabbath so maybe you can give it a miss if you have grown sick of Sheavy or aren’t a fan in the first place, otherwise however this is a very strong and enjoyable album from Sheavy and one that I’d highly recommend.

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