Fu Manchu – In Search Of… Review

Fu Manchu - In Search Of…

Fu Manchu - In Search Of…

If you listen to Stoner Rock music regularly then chances are that you have come across or at least heard of Fu Manchu quite often, and heard kind words said about this album. If you are new to the genre or band, then this is among one of the best albums that you could start your collection with.

In Search Of… was the Californian Stoner/Desert Rock pioneer’s third full-length studio album and saw an improvement in terms of the production job, as well as in the guy’s musical chops and vocal abilities. It was their final album before the line up shift that saw Ruben Romano and Eddie Glass depart and form the band Nebula.

With this album the band were much more freed from the Grunge movement that inspired their record deal, they were now writing their most Fu Manchu sounding material yet (arguably ever) and many of the songs from this record are timeless live favourites.

Tracks like ‘Asphalt Rising,’ ‘Regal Begal,’ and ‘The Falcon Has Landed’ should convince any potential fan whether or not this is an album and by extension a band, worth pursuing.

The music is full of fuzzed out guitar, big heavy riffs and yet laid back slacker vibes. There are musical throwbacks to the 1970s all around but done in such a way that could only exist in the 1990s. If you like Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Clutch, Dozer or any of the less Sludge-influenced Stoner bands out there then Fu Manchu are something you will more than likely love.

Often considered one of their very best, In Search Of… is a very strong and fun album that anyone with an interest in this type of music should pick up a copy of.

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