Fu Manchu – Go For It… Live! Review

Fu Manchu - Go For It… Live!

Fu Manchu - Go For It… Live!

Go For It… Live! Is a double disc live album from the Californian Stoner/Desert Rock band Fu Manchu, it was released in 2003 and features a career spanning twenty-two track set list that at least touches on almost every album and major EP that the band had released up until that point.

For Fu Manchu fans, this is a very strong release and the band put on a strong show, playing powerfully through many live favourites with a good sound quality and mix that manages to retain both the band’s trademark fuzz sound and convey their good-times attitude.

If you are to the band, this is a brilliant compilation to start with as it features a great many of the band’s finest songs all together in the one place.

Some fans don’t care for the polished production on the newer California Crossing album, or the rough production on their earliest two albums and on this album you can hear tracks from all eras of the band with a strong uniform production that really ties the whole career together nicely. Tracks like ‘Mongoose’ and ‘Squash That Fly’ sit seamlessly alongside tracks like ‘Ojo Rojo’ and ‘Tilt.’

Overall, Fu Manchu are a band that a sure to appeal to all fans of the Desert/Stoner sound, and this is a very well put together live album that is both a glorious affirmation for existing fans and a perfect starting point for newcomers.

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