Dozer – Beyond Colossal Review

Dozer - Beyond Colossal

Dozer - Beyond Colossal

When most people think of Stoner, they think of the American Desert but Dozer are a Stoner Rock/Metal band from Sweden. Despite their geographical separation from the likes of Kyuss, Sleep and Monster Magnet they have toured with, recorded with and been featured on compilations with many of the scene’s biggest players and released superb albums of their own which both capture the essence of the genre and yet retain a captivating distinctness and individuality.

Personally, I think the band are one of best examples of the entire genre and I would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone with an interest in the style of music.

Beyond Colossal was their fifth full-length studio album and was released in 2006. This album featured a slight line-up change as Karl Daniel Lidén was replaced by new drummer Olle “Bull” Mårthans. Furthermore, similarly to Troy Sanders from Mastodon guesting on their last album, two of the tracks on Beyond Colossal feature guest vocal appearances from Clutch’s Neil Fallon.

In addition to a little personnel variation, the album finds Dozer taking the music in a darker and more slow direction than their earlier work, the fuzzy stoner sound is still there only now it is mixed with an arty sound that could almost be described as a brooding intensity or dark sense of foreboding.

Album highlights include the bleak and moody album closer ‘Bound For Greatness,’ as well as ‘Grand Inquisitor’ & ‘Empire’s End’ which feel like some of their older material and finally ‘Two Coins For Eyes,’ which contains the band’s trademark riff style, evocative vocals and fuzzed out bass, but melded with the sort of post-metal/prog-metal leanings that creep into the rest of the record present as well.

Fredrik Nordin’s vocal style has always been impressively varied and able to conjure up a wealth of different moods, but he is especially haunting on this record and definitely deserves special praise.

Overall; Beyond Colossal is a great record, a definite “grower” that should keep Dozer fans really happy and which I highly recommend, although if you are new to the band, maybe check out their previous album Through They Eyes Of Heathens first.

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