Dozer – In The Trail Of A Comet & Madre De Dios Dual-Set CD Review

Dozer are a Sweedish Stoner Rock band and this set contains their first two albums 2000’s In The Trail Of A Comet and 2002’s Madre De Dios, two albums with a lot in common. As well as featuring the same line-up, both albums are around forty minutes long, were released on Man’s Ruin Records and recorded in Sweeden’s Rockhouse Studios where they were co-produced by the band and Bengt Backe.

Dozer really are quite a superb band and this set is certainly something that you are going to want to get your hands on if you are seriously into the Stoner/Desert Rock sound espoused by bands like Monster Magnet, Sleep, Clutch, Sheavy, Fu Manchu and especially Kyuss.

Their first album In The Trail Of A Comet may not be the most original record it is very enjoyable despite its derivative nature. This album, much more so than any of Dozer’s later work has a very strong Kyuss influence indeed and even the vocals are much closer to John Garcia’s in style than the more unique style that Fredrik Nordin developed afterwards.

With their second album Madre De Dios the band start to develop much more of their own identity; Tommi Holappa’s wonderful lead guitar style is fully developed at this stage in the band’s career and when he breaks out guitar solos or lead sections it is a joy to listen to. Furthermore the general standard of songwriting is improved and the overall feel is even more refined and professional, with strong and energetic tracks that stick in your head really easily.

In terms of production job and mix, despite a low budget, both albums are absolutely spot on and are a great example of how Stoner albums can sound clean and well produced while still maintaining the fat bass and fuzzy riffs for which the genre is known.

The physical copy of this two-album set comes in a three-panel digipack, with the cover art for In The Trail Of A Comet on the front and the cover art for Madre De Dios on the back, with the tracklistings printed inside. There are no booklets and the discs are each housed in one of the hollow panels at either end. To top off the reissue, there are four bonus tracks, three on ‘Comet and one on ‘Dios.

If you are a fan of similar bands but haven’t gotten yourself a Dozer album yet I’d actually recommend that you start with Through The Eyes Of Heathens, which is arguably their best album. If you are already into Dozer however then don’t hesitate to pick up these early albums, they are more than worth your time.

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