Another Nice Even Number


This is my 501st post, posted to celebrate my 500th post. This means that 500 posts have been made to the homepage proper of the overall Kingcrimsonblog, but doesn’t take into account entries to any of the sub-blogs (Eg. ‘Computer Games’ or ‘Life and Musings, Thoughts and Rants’) that I make by updating pages, rather than making full on posts.

So, why not throw your very own KingcrimsonBlog-500-Posts-Party, take pictures and upload them to your own Kingcrimsonprog’s KingcrimsonBlog tribute blogs that definitely exist.

1 Comment

  1. You have more posts than me, I think I hit my 400th the other day. I’ve removed a few in my time, but not many. WordPress oughtta reward us with some sort of incentive, where they promote your page every time you hit certain (much higher) milestones.


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