How Frances The Mute By The Mars Volta Should Be Split Up

The Mars Volta’s second studio album Frances The Mute is an utterly amazing album, but the actual “song” songs are hard to access, partly because you are supposed to listen to it in its entirety from start to finish but also because the CD is split in such a way as you sometimes have to sit through 4-minute atmosphere tracks either side of the “song” song. In my way, you get to enjoy it in its entirety, or skip right to the main parts. If you uncheck the tracks in brackets you just get an amazing set of direct and well constructed songs like a greatest hits package but if you leave them checked you can enjoy it as an intertwining concept album. Best of both worlds available to you.

Oh, and this is assuming that you don’t add the title track in, as it is technically only a B-Side. I since have added the title track in as tracks 20-23, split from a ten minute track into intro, and then parts one to three. I usually uncheck the intro and part two.

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